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    Dermomassager - is the latest non-invasive therapy that eliminates cellulite and fat. It involves intensive massage and rolling of the skin through which improves circulation, eliminates toxins, reduces water retention, activates fat breakdown and restores skin structure. Works on subcutaneous fat tissue breaking it down, causing visible reduction in cellulite and body circumferences. Scars and stretch marks become less visible. Reduced swelling is achieved as a result of stimulation of microcirculation. In addition, massage stimulates the production of "happiness hormones" or endorphins, which bringing relaxation and comfort.



  • 79% elimination of cellulite,
  • 1-3 cm reduction in circumference
  • effect visible after one treatment
  • intense and fast cure of cellulite
  • preparation for aesthetic medicine treatments (eg liposuction)


Effects of treatment:

  • perfect smooth skin
  • improves the flow of lymph
  • prevention of relapse of cellulite
  • slender, body sculpting
  • stimulate circulation
  • improved flexibility
  • smoothing out scars and stretch marks
  • long lasting effect