Firming and modeling bust treatment


    This treatment meets the dual role of biological facelift and concentrated skin renewal in the bust and neckline area.

    The Enzyme Scrub prepares the skin for the treatment and its active ingredients in the form of a natural enzyme - keratin, red wine extract, aloe vera, hibiscus, pro-vitamin B5, allantoin, grapefruit oil, moisturizers and emollients remove dead skin cells, stimulate microcirculation, cleanse of toxins (detox), strengthen and firm the skin, smooth and hydrate, preparing it to adopt active ingredients, smoothens and relaxes.

   Then, the firming and modeling serum strengthens the connective tissue, enhances the bust, tightens and firms the skin, shapes and gives an attractive appearance of the breasts.

     The next step is a breast modeling massage with caviar cream, and the application of nourishing and firming velvet cream.

    The effect of lifting and firming the bust and décolleté skin, strengthen connective tissue and improve the voltage increases and fills the bust, deeply moisturizes and smoothes the skin is visible after the first treatment.

Velvet Nourishing Cream strengthens the skin-firming bust, improves elasticity and firmness, tightens and tones the skin, shapes and gives more attractive appearance of the breasts.

     At the end, an algae-plaster mask that improves firmness, appearance and shape of the breast, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates the metabolism of the skin and increases blood circulation, produces a thermal effect (first warm up and then cool down), which helps the absorption of active ingredients applied with the mask, multiplying the effect of firming and modeling sheets. Alginate mask active ingredients- rich in protein, micro and macro minerals and vitamins, stimulates cell renewal and slows down the aging process of the skin.

After removing the algae-plaster mask from the treated parts of the body we gently massage a velvety cream nourishing and firming, its main active ingredients are: Kigeline - extract from the fruit of African plants, famous for its excellent properties and firming breast augmentation, Bio-Bustyl ™ which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, strengthens the skin, prevents sagging, tightens and firms the skin, Black cohosh - an exotic plant, stimulating the formation of new fibers supporting persistent firmness and tightness of the skin, caviar which regenerates and strengthens the connective tissue.

With its unique active ingredients, this procedure allows you to move to the magical world of luxury, rejuvenation and absolute relaxation.


Indications for treatment:

  • after slimming treatments
  • after pregnancy, breast-feeding
  • after strong exposure to the sun
  • prophylaxis from 25 years of age


Action treatment:

  • skin lifting and firming the bust and décolleté
  • strengthen connective tissu
  • improve skin tone within the breast
  • stimulation of the skin metabolism and increase blood and lymph circulation
  • breast lift and fill
  • deep moisturizing and smoothing the bust skin and neckline