Hair Revival Roller Set

Treatment effects:

  • stimulation hair growth
  • -preventing hair loss
  • -anti aging effect


      Treatment is particulary recommended durin periods of increased hair loss, hormonal changes , after pregnancy, during  menopause, for men suffering from androgenic hair loss and as preventice care.




Price of treatment: The treatment consists of three sessions

The kit contains a personal roller and 3 active serum with Capixil.

treatment 1 - £65 (the price includes a set of roller +  serum)

treatment 2 - £45

treatment 3 - £45

Hair Revival Serum FREE worth 27.50



Hair Revival serum


Serum stimulateig hair growth and inhibiting hair loss. It contains Capixyl - a unique active coplex of a biomimetic peptide and extract derived from red clover . The peptid stimulates protein production which strengthens hair follicles and prevents premature hair loss. Systematic use of serum stimulate hair growth, prevent hair ageing process and changes conected with hormonal disordes.