Shapes and colors of your nails change depending on the current trend. However, we constantly desire them to be beautiful, well cared for and healthy.


Classic Manicure - a treatment for improving the appearance of the nail plate. It consists in (if necessary) shorten the nail, give it the right polishing and removal of the over grown skins. Application of nail varnish and special moisturizing oils. Without forgetting your hands, rub them with the appropriate regenerative cosmetics.


Biological Manicure - a treatment which does not use tweezers. Calloused skin is moistened with a liquid high in allantoin content adding the properties of soothing and mitigation, through which it is possible to very effectively the softening and removal of epidermal labrum. The rest of the steps is carried out as in the classic manicure.


Milling Manicure - recommended mainly for quite damaged hands. For this purpose, the milling machine removes hard skin. Other actions as in the classic manicure.


Manicure + color