Micro-needle Therapy

An authentic restoration of the facial skin

  The micro-needle professional therapy is an alternative to laser treatments. It is based on the natural process of regeneration, by creating microscopic punctures. This facilitates the penetration of active ingredients and stimulates the natural process of skin renewal.

In order to achieve the maximum effect it is recommended to perform a series of at least 3 treatments at intervals of 2 weeks.

      The kit includes a personal roller, 3 highly active concentrated serum, a cocktail of 8 amino acids combined with hyaluronic acid.


The first treatment (including personal roller + ampoules) £80

The second and third treatment at £65





 Advantages of the procedure:

  •  for all ages and for all skin types
  •  alternative to expensive laser treatments
  •  one of both the face and body
  •  safe technique
  •  no side effects




The micro-needle modeling treatment therapy is a professional and effective way of intensive slimming and firming your body. With micro-needles we transport active ingredients into the skin by increasing their efficiency and stimulate natural metabolic processes leading to an improvement of body sculpture.



Bioactive serum with anti-cellulite and slimming action. Reduces the number of fat cells and their size. Improves combustion and prevents the accumulation of body fat.

The treatment can be applied to:

  • belly
  • buttocks
  • legs
  • arms


The first treatment (including personal roller + ampoule) £85

The second and third treatment at £65




Bioactive serum with bust magnifying and modeling action, giving the effect of push up - Enhances its shape and increases its size. Especially recommended during weight loss treatment and after pregnancy and lactation.


The first treatment (including personal roller + ampoule) £80

The second and third treatment at £65


Indications for treatment:

  • Cellulite
  • overweight
  • loss of firmness
  • Stretch Marks
  • after pregnancy and breastfeeding


The effects of treatments:

  • transport of slimming and firming substances deep into the skin
  • increased efficiency of beauty products
  • smoothing and improving the structure of skin
  • smoothes stretch marks and scars
  • firming
  • cellulite reduction