PAESE makeup cosmetics




        Euphora is a Polish company which has been in business for 7 years. It is the manufacturer of makeup PAESE. The advantage and purpose of the company is to create high-quality cosmetics, a wide range of colors, innovative formulas and in attractive packaging. Product formulations are based on the substances and raw materials derived from natural resources and the effects of work-art laboratories. The ingredients are carefully selected, not only in terms of functionality, but also because of the extra care properties. All products contain complex ingredients such as vitamins C, A, PP, B and E, essential oils, waxes, minerals, natural sunscreen. The mass of cosmetic ingredients is about 80% of the raw materials, which is why cosmetics are hypoallergenic.

The PAESE brand is synonymous with high quality cosmetics and a wide range of colors corresponding to each type of beauty needs and requirements of different skins.

The company keeps track of global trends and makeup artists working with color schemes and consultants to enter the range of solutions for new products, the most fashionable color palettes, textures and consistency.

PAESE Cosmetics gained a large group of supporters, not only throughout Poalnd but also in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Venezuela and even Dubai. The companys efforts were recognized in 2010 with the title of "Excellence of the Year 2010" in the category of Polish cosmetics. This prestigious award acknowledges that every woman in the land PAESE will find the appropriate cosmetics for herself that will help in emphasizing the natural beauty.