Permanent make-up

        Permanent make-up is a procedure used to highlight and correct the natural shape of the eyebrows, lip contour and eyes expression. With this method, the pigments of natural origin, non toxic and non allergenic are embedded in the skin and stored in the intercellular space. Remain visible there for about 3 to 5 years undergoing gradual lightening.

       In 4-5 days after permanent make-up application color fades up to 50%, therefore, do not worry if immediately after the procedure color is quite intense.

      Treatments are performed using a local anesthesia.


      After two to four weeks it is necessary to make an adjustment in order to strengthen and consolidate the results, which is included in the price of the treatment.

Eyebrows and eyes



    Beautiful eyebrows are the "architect" of our face. Irregular, abnormal shape, too short eyebrows or with a small amount of your own hair can be corrected by permanent make-up. Thanks to the pigmentation treatment we can also cover up the scars on eyebrows or other loss of continuity of the eyebrows. Permanent make-up is also an advantageous solution for the complete lack of eyebrows (i.e. due to intensive hair removal in the past, or post chemotherapy). Eyebrow line is individually adjusted to the contours and shape of your face.


eyebrows by feather method £ 280
eyebrows full fill entire £ 290






      Every woman knows that eyelines determine the beauty of the eyes.

With this method we can opticaly highlight and strengthen the look of the eyes. During this permanent treatment, the dye is introduced between the hairs on the top and bottom eyelid giving the natural effect of a thickening.


top eyelid line £190
top eyelid line + thickening £200
bottom eyelid line £160

two colour eyelid line £260


    Permanent make-up can enlarge lips and correct the asymmetry and imbalance between the top and bottom lip, and finally give them beautiful color.

    Lip contour with shading technique is the perfect way to enhance women attributes, which catches the eye like a magnet.

    Lip permanent make-up procedure is necessary to be performed under general use of the anti-herpis treatment (Heviran, Zovirax, Clovir - tablets) 4 days before and three days after surgery. This also applies to patients who do not state susceptibility to herpes simplex virus (Herpes simplex). These are prescription medicines.

    In preparation of the lips to the treatment by the patient, it is advisable to perform the gentle peeling on the day before surgery and intensive moisturising. Lips after surgery are gaining more intense than natural colour, enhanced or modified contour and the effect of the optical enlargement and fill.


contour £160
contour + shading £240

contour + fill £250